Nos acaban de publicar un par de reseñas interesantes sobre widgadget en Mashable y killerstartups, os adjunto resumen, link al portal completo y widget que han creado para promocionar sus portales.



20-Word Description

Widgadget is the community portal for widget creation and distribution. It wishes to popularize widgets for users, bloggers and brands.

CEO’s Pitch

Widgadget is designed to help users, bloggers, brands and agencies spread their content exponentially, to get more websites/blogs traffic and to improve brand loyalty. It enables all users to see the best widgets and to create their own in three steps:

The registered user enters their feeds, then, he or she designs the widgets with sizes, colors, images, logo, titles, etc., and finally, adds information that enables the widget to get well-indexed in the gallery (titles, description, tags, etc.). Once created, the widget can be spread throughout social networks, blogs or desktops. The statistics allow every user to track word of mouth effect.

Mashable’s Take

Widgadget lets you create and distribute customizable widgets for whatever you want to promote, such as your website, blog, company, product, service, etc. Widgets can be created in Flash or Java, depending on where you want to use them. You can also embed your widgets on many different platforms, such as social networking profiles, blogging platforms (Blogger, WordPress, etc.), websites and start pages such as Netvibes, iGoogle, Pageflakes, etc.


Create And Publish Widgets Easily

A site that will enable anybody to create widgets for viral purposes, Widgadget is available in several languages including English, Spanish and French. The site is subdivided in a host of categories that cater for different users, and a navigation menu is provided and broken down into the following sections: “For Users”, “For Bloggers”, “For Business” and “For Advertisers”. These give different users the wherewithal to implement a viral campaign and promote contents using the widgets that can be created and procured through the site.

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Los dos medios han creado sus widgets en la plataforma. Puedes verlos aquí: