Here are the clues to find your way in this new social media environment:

ist2_5474170-social-network 1.- First of all, you have to create a dialog with your customers. The clients need to know «who and how» is the provider of its services or of its products if you want that they trust you.

2.- Then, you have to find a ways to deliver your contents on the webpages, social networks, directly on the desktop or mobile of your client, with permission marketing.

3.- Your shouldn’t be intrusive or disturbing for your client. If it looks like a spam or an unwanted email, he will delete it without taking a look at it. You have to send helpful content or product promotion.

4.- You have to be present in every important social network that exists. Consequently, your clients, who certainly also use these networks, will understand that you are close to them.

5.- The fact that you interact with them (with twitter or Facebook for instance) is an important point too because they will know that you care about them, and that you are not just a company.

6.- You have to know your ROI, then you’ll be able to know where you are efficient and where you need to improve your actions.

7.- You have to turn your Public Relations into Personal Relationships, by listening and interacting with your customers.

8.- You need to engage new customers who are linked to your actual clients, and who are interested by the same things.

9.- If you want to seduce customers, engage your social audience, you have to be able to insert anything, video, audio, just text, games etc…., in social networks through, groups, comments, applications, …

10- If you want to be taken seriously, and not be treated like an umpteenth application which will be uninstalled in the next few days, you need an application which delivers the content interesting, viral o news in real time. Then, your client always knows that you care about him and that your offers, content, news are often renewed.

You can reach all these goals: create a relationship with a customer,  provide contents without disturbing the client, extend your influence to every internet user which wouldn’t have known your company with viral actions and improving content dissemination through social media networks.

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